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It has been full speed here for the Justice371 Campaign team, we are constantly campaigning and working tirelessly in our fight for justice. We are been growing more and more frustrated with ourselves that we are struggling to find the time to keep you, our loyal supporters, up to date fully with what is going on behind the scene which is why we have made some changes to how are doing things here. See some of these changes detailed below:

  • We have now added a 'News/Updates' section to our website. Going forward we will be updating this section with everything you need to know about our Campaign;

  • In addition to our new section for news and updates, we will be sending out updates directly to our supporters who have signed up to our email bulletins. Not on our mailing list? Scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and fill out your details;

  • Our Facebook & Twitter accounts will now be regularly updated with daily pictures and posts relevant to our campaign and the memory of John, Joseph and Dougald. All campaign updates will be posted on these accounts also.

We hope these changes will ensure you are all fully up to date at all times. Remember, you can contact us via our Website or via our Social Media accounts.

Justice371 Campaign Team

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James Henderson
James Henderson
02 nov 2019

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