Help us bring IRA killers of British soldiers to justice.

In 1971 three young off-duty soldiers were slain in cold blood by IRA gunmen.  No-one has ever faced trial for their murder. ​

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There are two memorials to the 'Three Scottish Soldiers'.  There is the large memorial in Ballysillan, Belfast.  The other is at White Brae at the spot John, Joseph and Dougald were murdered in cold blood by IRA Gunmen.

Both memorials were unveiled in 2010.  They were both funded by the Oldpark and Cavehill branch of the Royal British Legion, the funding was supported by the Families in Scotland who raised tens of thousands to aid in the efforts to have the memorials purchased.

Sadly our memorials are attacked every year.  In fact, the smaller memorial at the spot where the boys were murdered has been attacked more than 27 times.  In fact, the memorials are the most attacked memorials in the whole of Northern Ireland - a complete disgrace

In 2017, the large memorial at Ballysillan was attacked for the first time.

The Families in Scotland have continued to raise funds to help with the repair and clean up costs of both memorials.  


Pictures of the attacks can be seen here on the right-hand side slider >

death, our three boys cannot be left in peace.