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BBC Scotland to tell the story of Three Scottish Soldiers murdered in Belfast 1971.

BBC Scotland "The War Next Door: Scotland and the Troubles"

At the beginning of the year, the Justice371 Campaign received an email asking if we would like to take part in a documentary that was going to be looking at the Scottish contribution to 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland. After meeting with the team behind putting this together and seeing how genuine they were to tell the heartbreaking story of what happened to John, Joseph and Dougald correctly, we gave our fully support to the project. We were told yesterday that this Documentary will show on the BBC Scotland channel and be titled 'The War Next Door: Scotland and the Troubles'. It will be split over two parts, 1 hour episodes.

  • Episode 1 will be aired on Tuesday 12th November at 10pm;

  • Episode 2 will be aired on Tuesday 19th November at 10pm.

The documentary will tell stories from many individuals who had an involvement or connection to 'The Troubles'. John, Joseph & Dougald's part of the story will show in Episode 1 and has been told by David McCaughey and Tommy Anderson. Tommy Anderson was a close friend of the boys, he served alongside them in the same Regiment and Company. We would like to thank Tommy and his Daughter, Donna, for their continued support and taking part in this project to ensure the boys are never forgotten. We believe, this will be the first time this story will be told in depth specifically to a Scottish audience via our TV screens.

The Justice371 Campaign Team

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1 Comment

James Henderson
James Henderson
Nov 04, 2019

Set to record. Let's hope the truth is told. 🇬🇧

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