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BBC Spotlight to air documentary highlighting recent findings in our campaign for justice.

BBC Spotlight will tonight air their documentary which will further highlight and add to information recently shared with the public by our campaign.

Our team, including family members, have engaged with and assisted the BBC Spotlight Programme over the past 18 months which in the end has resulted in the making of this one off documentary.

Originally, the story of what happened to John, Joseph and Dougald was to be told in the 7 part series BBC Spotlight released late last year. We were delighted that the BBC recognised that this story is one that has never been fully told and decided to give it a stand alone slot on their Spotlight channel.

Releasing some of the findings from our investigation to the public in recent weeks has been a highlight for our Campaign, having the support of the media has been a huge help in sharing information with everyone who has been following the Justice371 Campaign closely.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the BBC Spotlight team for putting together this programme, travelling to meet our team on several occasions and for all the hard work in taking the information we had and carrying out their own investigation to uncover even more. BBC Spotlight have been able to uncover fresh information about our suspects and explain in more detail what happened on the 10th March 1971.

We would like to thank a few more people for making this programme happen. We would like to thank Thomas Anderson & his Daughter Donna. Thomas served and was with the boys that day, we thank him for participating and telling his emotional side of the story. Tommy is a Gentleman and a credit to memory of John, Joseph and Dougald. Tommy has ensured that their memory has remained alive and most importantly that their memory be honoured. Donna has been a rock for her father and her support for our campaign has been steadfast.

Lastly, a special thanks goes to Jonathan Waite. Jonathan has given his time and professional filmmaking services to the campaign since its formation, his work has been immensely supporting and very much appreciated. Jonathan has kindly allowed the BBC to use his material as part of their programme which has allowed Brenda Keilty, who is now deceased, to tell her story to the public. Brenda was one of the children who found the boys on that lonely road.

The BBC Spotlight NI Programme will air tonight: 25/02/2020 at 22:35

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