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What is 'Betrayal'?

'Betrayal' is a presentation put together by the Justice371 Campaign Team to tell the full story as we know it today.  Our presentation will take you on an in-depth informative and factual journey starting back in 1971 and finishing where we are today.


This presentation will include information that has never been shared with the public before, information relating to the plotting and murders of the Three Scottish Soldiers, the suspects, the investigation and multiple failings throughout.  It will finish with a short look at the Justice371 Campaign itself.


'Betrayal' consists of  verbal, visual and audio presentations whilst taking you on its journey.

Presentation Format

The journey starts whilst the men where home in Scotland and will take you through to following steps:

1.  Who were the Three Scottish Soldiers;

2.  10/03/1971 in-depth timeline of events;

3.  Final footsteps;

4.  The murders;

5.  Immediate aftermath

6.  Funerals

7.  Original Police & Military investigation & suspects;

8.  The highlighting of multiple failings;

9.  Their memorials;

10.  The Justice371 Campaign, it's journey and where it is today.

The Need to Know stuff

Here is a look at some of the need to know stuff before submitting the below booking request form:

1.  The presentation is free of charge, donations are welcome but we do ask that we are given an area to place a small merchandise stand in the venue to allow those in attendance to support us if they wish to purchase anything.  We appreciate some organisers may wish to charge entry to cover their own costs, this is fine and all we ask is that we are made aware of this at the time of booking.

2.  Due to the nature of our presentation and the materials included, we ask that children under the age of 16 are not in attendance.

3.  We would kindly ask that no filming takes place whilst the presentation is in play.

4.  If your venue has a licensed bar we ask that the bar be closed whilst the presentation is in play, we will have 2 short breaks where the bar can be reopened.

5.  If your event is marked as 'public' we will add it to our events area for our website visitors to see the full details;

6.  The presentation will take approximately 2hrs, this includes breaks and a short question/answer session at the end.


Note:  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all details provided in your booking request, details such as date and time may need to be rearranged before confirmation can be given.  This is due to our team's availability, we will try our best to suit every booking where possible.


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